Live Poker

Poker is one of the games found in every casino both the traditional as well as internet access and a popular game from your childhood every adult man who in his youth he played with friends in the backyard. However, not everyone knows the true and accurate rules of poker, sometimes the backyard are changed to need the players.

The real poker is done by a professional poker table, the dealer deals the deck of 52 cards after five cards to each player. Previously, the cards are thoroughly tested and shuffled by the dealer before you begin a serious game for the money.

Then each player bets a certain amount of the game, and the real game begins. Everyone looks for their cards and checks that possibly have a connection. It is possible one pair, two pair, three, four of a kind, flush, straight, poker and other card connections.

If a player has a bad card mentions the right amount at the dealer, and then bet the next round of bidding in the game of money. In poker you can afford, or do not bet if you do not have people willing to set up larger amounts of money, you can withdraw from the game or check the players with the release of their cards. More detailed rules of the game of poker can be found in Wilier or in a number of websites - such as Poker 4U.

Draw: Decide who has the highest card forming quads. If two players have the same four of a kind is determined by the fifth card. If it is the same also that the pot is split. A win is determined by who has the higher card forming the troika, then if in this case it is a draw on who has the highest card.

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