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Blackjack and 'one of the gambling more' ancient in the world. Take paper or leaves but the most 'important' closer to 21 without busting. Choose the casino is right for you and start playing free blackjack online.

Blackjack and 'one of the gambling more' ancient in the world. Considered a card game, blackjack was born in France with the ancient name of the game of 21. I do not spend 'a long time that this game spread around the world, becoming one of the oldest games' appreciated.

Nowadays Blackjack and 'entered by force in online casinos, where you can find many game rooms dedicated to the same. Thanks to its bitable 'and high payout percentages, blackjack and' one of the best games of chance. Players challenge the bank and dispute the stakes in exciting and thrilling game rounds.

The aim of Blackjack 'to beat the dealer's without exceeding the quota limit of 21. For each game, the players and the dealer through the cards that are assigned to form one score. Each figure is 10, the other cards take their face value and aces are assigned the value of 1 or 11. After the deal will be 'declared the score. If the score exceeds 21, the player or the dealer automatically lose, and if the score 'higher than the dealer without going over 21 while the player wins if the dealer's and' greater than that of the player without going over 21, the dealer wins. The only designated to distribute the cards in the game of Blackjack and 'the dealer. It will start 'drawing one card to the player who sits to his right and continue' until all participants in the game will have 2 cards in their hand. After the cards are dealt, players can decide to ask for another card.

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