Play Online Blackjack

When the first card dealer, gets ace, you have the option to purchase insurance (called Insurance), because it is close to the fact that he is Black Jack. When you buy these insurance, you may have two solutions. Your insurance value will be doubled when the dealer gets blackjack, losing at the same basic rate. But when the dealer does not have Black Jack will lose the amount spent on insurance. According to our estimates, buying insurance is not profitable, so do not be fooled by online casino incentives.

Below is a system, which is a strategy game in which Black Jack can be read and even print it yourself. This strategy has been built by experts on the basis of research and stystyk. To prove its effectiveness, they looked at all the possible combinations of cards, so it became the perfect tactic.

On the left side is the total amount received by you cards in the first hand. At the top of the dealer's visible card is that under the rules of the game, it must be discovered. To properly use the strategy, find the value of your card, which is located on the left side, turn, move to the right, until we move the value of the dealer's exposed card.

Suppose that you have received the first hand cards in denominations of 7 and 6, and the dealer's face up card is the eighth In this case, find the total value of your cards, or 13 (7 +6), and sequentially moving the designated row, click on any value equal to 8 in column dealer. Word Association Game appears at the intersection of H, as previously rebuke strong case that the best take another card. If you have chosen the card has a value of 4, then the total sum of your cards is 17 (7 +6 +4).

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